Trusted Computing Hits the Road

The cold, windy Docklands setting was an appropriate backdrop for the RSA Conference in London this week. There was little new, hot or entertaining on show. But, like Infosecurity, it’s a useful opportunity to network and assess trends in the vendor marketplace. In particular I was interested to meet Steve Hanna of Juniper who co-chairs the Trusted Computing Group, an organisation with a high-profile presence at this year’s conference and exhibition.

For some years TCG has been quietly establishing the standards to enable platform vendors to incorporate the trusted mechanisms to support data encryption and device authentication. Some products have hit the streets, and many more are in the pipeline. TCG are also addressing mobile and wearable computing devices, offering a partial antidote to the risks presented by consumerisation of client devices. When will it all take off? According to Steve, 2008 will be the year when “the rubber hits the road”.