The Scourge of Spam

The Yorkshire Post quoted me in an article about Spam a few days ago. I admit that I do come across as a bit of a doomsayer. But surely someone needs to in a blinkered business world that seems to be content to carry on regardless, just like a colony of frogs in boiling water.

We need concerted action to tackle the growing threats of spam and malware. But there’s little appetite for radical measures. Most people prefer to cross their fingers and hope that the problem will go away. It won’t. And, left unchecked, it will eventually undermine the commercial models that underpin e-Business. It’s a black swan waiting in the wings to savage us.

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Why bother fixing something that is fundamentally broken? E-mail in particular never scaled well anyway. Lets ditch it. Or to be precise lets ditch the Internet in its current uncontrolled state. How about a 'Green Zone' Internet? The real question would be who would finance it. Alas, with the human ingenuity and criminal intent to break things a Green Zone wouldn't be compromise proof for long. I think we have to sensibly re-baseline everyone's expectations. Even with solid IT security you'll get done over at some point in time.