The Art of User Awareness

Those of you in the medical profession might be familiar with a UK publication called Primary Care Today. I was recently approached via the BCS to contribute a short article for this on-line magazine about the importance of IT security in a primary care setting. Like all such pieces it had to be short (700 words), comprehensive and cater for a varied readership. Not an easy task. But one that all security organisations face from time to time, usually with the added difficulty that it has to be repeated on a regular basis with a fresh perspective. You can read my attempt on the Primary Care Today website. There’s certainly an art in conveying user awareness given the constraints of any popular medium and the competition for space. You need an eye-catching introduction, a memorable end-line and in between a list of points that must sound interesting despite the act that though not all of them will be relevant to each reader. It’s an interesting exercise that all security professionals should tackle every now and then, if for no reason than to remind ourselves that effective communications are not as easy as we might sometimes imagine.