Real Crime in the Virtual World

I’ve already commented on the possibilities for Identity Theft in the Virtual World. Now it seems that people are waking up to the possibility of Money Laundering in the Virtual World. I’m continuing to watch sites such as Second Life with great interest, as increasing numbers of real investors invest in virtual real estate (now there’s an interesting juxtaposition of adjectives). And real media companies, such as Reuters, establish wire services to report real events in the virtual world.

It all makes me wonder how long it will be before the Revenue start to tax the virtual but real profits. And of course it’s just a matter of time before we establish security, intelligence and law enforcement functions to police this brave new world.

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And you think that the spooks are not already into Second Life? :-) After all the next Jihad could be being planned there right now! The string above may well have been scanned and risk assessed by at least 1 government agency, surely that is ocurring with Second Life comms also!