RSA Conference reflects trends in security landscape

This year’s RSA Conference Europe kicked off yesterday in London. There were the usual keynotes from RSA top management and the usual US style arrangements, including a photo identity check (arguably more of a threat to your personal data than a national security safeguard), a Darth Vader lookalike, and the inevitable ‘brown bag’ lunch. But, as usual, the whole show is brilliantly organised and runs like clockwork. 

Behind all this there where also some interesting security trends to be noted. This year there was more emphasis on fraud prevention, more focus on community solutions, and more discussion of cloud solutions.

Cloud solutions are especially interesting in the security space, as there is a clear added value from the global community perspective available to vendors. I was particularly impressed with RSA’s e-fraud network, which neatly illustrates how to fight networked threats with networked defences. Now that’s the real future of security.