Preserving our Information Security Heritage

Well done to English Heritage for donating money to help preserve Hopefully it will encourage further funding, because BP needs a lot more money. And It’s an important historical site, because it represents the beginnings of the modern information security age.

As time goes by, we’ll appreciate it more. Fifty years ago were aware of the world of cryptology. Today, there are best selling technology books on the subject.  One day it will be taught in schools. It’s a core skill of the information age. And the most  significant breakthroughs, including the invention of the digital computer, were achieved at BP.

It’s hard to raise money for institutions such as BP. I know because I’ve tried it in the past. It’s not a charity that tugs at the heart strings in the way that children’s charities such as the Rainbow Trust or Wooden Spoon do. And it’s hard for most companies to make a business case for such an investment. But it’s a good fit for security technology vendors who can clearly benefits from an association with this popular and prestigious institution. And it’s an appropriate cause for sponsored fund raising by information security professionals.

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