Poems for Christmas (1)

Each Christmas, Alan Stockey pens a seasonal poem with a security flavour. This year’s is taken from his practical book of cats…

Integrity – The Missing Cat!

Integrity’s the missing cat, he’s called the fatal flaw 

The information element, who can defy the law 

Conundrum of the I.C.O, the auditor’s despair 

For when you check the database, integrity’s not there!

Integrity, integirty, there’s nothing like inrtgerty

He’s broken every spelling rule, 4th law of data privacy

His powers of gullibility would make a Care Bear stare

For when you check your client list, integrity’s not there

You may seek him out in inventories, or Sharepoints far and near

But I tell you once and once again, integrity’s not there


Integrity’s a cunning cat, he’ll have you suckered in

And not planning for this issue is the season’s deadly sin!

Professional’s all spend their loot on brothers from his litter

Continuity and secrecy who’s standing is now fitter

His secret’s often hidden, no automation here

No incidents reported, he’s really not a peer


Integrrty, integrity, there’s nothing like integrity

For he’s a fiend of C.I.A, the shadow of security

You seek him out in spreadsheets, and in accounts at end of year

But when you need integrity, intgreity’s not there!

Integrity, Integrity, there’s no one like integrtiy

There never was more likely cat to bring DPA penalty!



With apologies to T.S Eliot