Planning for The Future

Last week’s highlight for me was a trip the Channel Islands to lead a one-day Sapphire masterclass in planning for the future. I must admit I do enjoy these sessions, as I always learn something new from the delegates. This class was especially good because the audience was smart, experienced and quick to grasp planning concepts and techniques.

I’m a great believer that the future of technology and security is fairly predictable. Amongst other things, that’s because the trends are strong and consistent. It’s also because new technologies take many years to research, develop and productise. So we can see what’s in the pipeline if we take the trouble to look. You’ll also find that the opinions of most IT and security professionals are surprisingly consistent.

So what does the future hold? What kind of world are we heading for? Well that would require far more space than this blog posting because the future is very rich. But in general I can tell you that if we survive the expected Avian Flu pandemic, then we can expect a richer, healthier, more connected and highly automated world. But security will be very different. So my advice is to start planning now for the future because existing approaches might not survive the current decade.

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