Oxford takes an interesting lead

A few weeks ago, along with some of the great and good, I attended the launch of the new Oxford University Cyber Security Centre. I wasn’t expecting anything especially new but I have to say I was impressed by Professor Sadie Creese’s initiative to embrace disruptive ideas and inject creativity by engaging with experts from other fields, ranging from ethics and law to hedge funds and astrophysics.

It’s a great idea because the established security research community has failed to deliver much in the way of innovation over the last thirty years. And some of the better ideas have come from stealing ideas from other areas, such as Professor Stephanie Forrest’s work at the University of New Mexico in taking ideas from nature. (Her work once inspired me to commission a fraud detection system based on a model of the human immune system.)

This has to be the way forward. I salute Sadie and her team. Oxford already have a fine reputation for Trusted Computing work, so there is a good basis for future success.

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