No Sensations at This Year's Black Hat

At this time of the year my eyes usually glance westward to see what’s being revealed at the Black Hat and Defcon conferences in Las Vegas. Over the years these back-to-back events have served as a showpiece for announcements of hot findings from the esoteric community of code buffs who study security vulnerabilities.

So what happened this year? Not a lot according to reports from seasoned attendees. What’s going on? After all it should have been a bumper year for exploits given the continuing growth in the security research field. Brian Krebs’ report in the on-line Washington Post hits the nail on the head. Could it actually be that the research community is becoming more responsible, mindful of the serious consequences of disclosing a gaping hole in a protocol or platform? Or is it because security researchers are now more inclined to sell their vulnerabilities privately to the highest bidder?

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