Managing Personal Identity Information

I just couldn’t resist signing up for a free trial of a new identity management service from a UK start-up company called garlik (sic). This fascinating new product promises to find, track and monitor all my personal electronic information. Now that would be very useful. The company management team is also interesting. Headed up by Mike Harris and Tom Ilube from Egg and with a couple of BCS Presidents on the Board and financial backing from heavyweight VCs such as 3i and Doughty Hanson, it should be fairly respectable. At the very least I can assure you that it’s definitely not a scam to grab your personal information. And having met Tom Ilube when chairing an expert panel session at a recent Financial Services IT Summit I expect that there’ll be some smart thinking and clever software behind it. The garlik Web site even provides security advice on how to protect your information, though it’s a little prosaic, with warnings such as “do not use the same passwords for everything” and “try to use combinations of letter and numbers that do not form words”. Great in theory but just how do you remember all those different, non-memorable passwords? I’ll keep you posted on how I get on.

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I wonder if you read the 15th term & condition. "15. You agree without reservation that we may provide information about your use of our services to the Office of the Information Commissioner, the Office of Fair Trading, the Police and to our suppliers...." It seems to give them rights to do precisley what their Privacy statement says they won't! It also appears to flaught the privacy laws by removing my ability to reserve the right to approve distribution about my private information.
To generate and use individual passwords for each site you can do a lot worse then to use PasswordSafe ( Why this password vault in particular? Because it was originally written by Bruce Schneier, it is open source and the code is well scrutinised. I use it to generate random passwords for all my accounts and it works fine unless you have to phone the bank and tell them your mother's maiden name is Jis98s5£