Looking ahead to Infosecurity Europe 2009

This is the time of the year when many security professionals in the UK decide whether or not to attend the Infosecurity exhibition and conference in London, and if so which sessions to look out for. This year sees a move to a bigger venue (Earls Court) and includes an excellent free keynote programme that looks to be relevant, varied and interesting.

The first day has a strong political focus. That’s important because, like it or not, politics will play a bigger role in the future governance of the Internet. And some of our politicans are getting very knowledgeable about the subject area. Watch out for surprisingly well-informed contributions from the Rt Hon. David Blunkett MP, Lord Errol and the Rt Hon Alun Michael, MP. This is the day to attend if you’re focused on governance and want to catch up with the latest thinking about the emerging political, financial and legal landscape.

The second day is dominated by the Hall of Fame, which welcomes Paul Dorey, Dan Kiminsky, Whit Diffie, Phil Zimmermann and myself. Each of us will be talking on a different subject of their choice, and then joining an expert panel chaired by Professor Fred Piper. The subjects are wide-ranging, promising an interesting day of visionary thought. One common thread seems to be the need for change, suggesting an impending discontinuity in the solution space. This is the day to attend if you’re focused on security strategy and are looking for a fresh perspective and insight into new solutions.

The final day has a broader agenda that builds on a few themes of the previous days and includes sessions on externalisation (i.e. de-perimeterisation) and corporate espionage. This is the day to attend of you’re looking for more practical advice on security threats, architecture and management. 

I shall be fairly busy myself, as I’ve, perhaps unwisely, agreed to take part in no less that five sessions, including a Hall of Fame keynote and expert panel, a security expert panel and a couple of security café sessions. In between I shall be looking out for old friends and interesting stands, the most notable being the irresistible attraction of the legendary and exclusive (invitation only) Portcullis Arms.