De-perimeterisation Gets Closer

Yesterday’s Jericho Forum workshop was focused primarily on developing a position paper on collaboration-oriented architecture. This might sound like a pretentious new buzz word. But it’s a natural progression in IT architecture, which has been slowly evolving from products to services to processes. It’s a little early for breakthroughs, but it’s worth watching this space because the discussions were interesting and mature.

However the thing that really caught my eye at the meeting was Paul Simmond’s demonstartion of de-perimeterised Internet filtering and monitoring. He could connect his laptop to the Internet via the local office network and browse web sites with full filtering and logging in accordance with ICI security policies. It’s not rocket science but it’s something you don’t see every day. The technology used was a service delivered by AT&T based on ScanSafe technology. It’s not brand new but it’s the first time I’ve seen it in use and working.

Today we can deliver secure services over the Internet, with secure remote access by clients and full filtering and monitoring of content from any access point. It’s another step closer to a full de-perimeterised business environment.

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