DTI Unveils New Research in Human Vulnerabilities

Today the Department of Trade and Industry unveiled their latest research awards aimed at addressing the thorny (and under-researched) subject of the human risk element in network security. With £4 million of research grants already awarded, it’s clearly a serious programme. Will it deliver? Yes, in my view it looks set to deliver some innovative outputs. And that’s not just because I’m involved. We have four very interesting and complementary projects, from consortia including experienced universities and organisations. Participants include BAE Systems, Loughborough University, HP, Merrill Lynch, University of Bath, University of Newcastle, University College London, Chronicle Solutions, University of Plymouth, National Computing Centre and the University of Manchester. What’s interesting and different is that all projects contain a significant input from professional behavioural science experts. And in my opinion that’s the key. Because security is long overdue for a technology transfer from other scientific areas.

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A worthwhile investment. How many times have we all seen months of careful policy creation, weeks of hard work implementing security structures. Only to find out someone put there username and password on a note, pinned up on the pin board above their desk. Security is only as good as it's weakest link, would be great to be able to remove the link!