A Good Time to Review Business Continuity Plans

You can’t open a UK newspaper or switch on the TV news without getting extensive coverage of the devastating floods. That makes it a very good time to review Business Continuity Plans.

There’s always a spike in business awareness and interest in Business Continuity Planning following a major incident. Especially one that attracts extended media coverage. I first noticed this following the IRA bombs in the early 90s, which led to a step change in priority and budget for BCP in London based organisations. I also recall the floods in Holland in the mid 90s generating a surge in demand for BCP consultancy thoughout the following year. Similarly, the terrorist outrages in New York and London also prompted many organisations to re-think their contingency arrangements. And there was also a large increase in emergency response and crisis management activity across Texas following Hurricane Katrina.

So, even if you’ve not been affected, it’s worth visiting business units to review current BCP arrangements. Because they’re likely to be considering just what they would do if confronted by such circumstances. But in six months these thoughts may have been superseded by more immediate business priorities.

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