Women in IT - celebrating their achievements

ComputerWeekly.com is acutely aware of the gender gap in IT.

Too often I have read stories written by us and others that demonstrate that despite its efforts the IT industry is a male-dominated preserve and one that fails to attract women into the profession. A recent survey showed that less than a quarter of new recruits were women, a dreadful blight on the industry

There are some great initiatives out there Girl Geek Dinners being a good example and we recently featured its London branch.

And of course there is the Ada Lovelace day that is coming up on 24 March. A pledge bank has been set up for Ada Lovelace day enlisting support for a day of blogging that will celebrate the achievements of Women in IT.

We have also set up a blog that will celebrate the achievements of Women in IT, it’s called WITsend, and will also seek to champion the cause of women in the IT profession. This post looks at the achievements of Barbara Liskov, quite remarkable really.