WFHers ... its the right kind of snow, just the wrong amount

I loved Mayor Boris Johnson’s quote yesterday to explain why Transport for London cancelled its buses and that the trains weren’t running because of the snow. “It’s the right kind of snow, just the wrong amount,” said Boris.

This morning I made the foolish decision to get to work and soon discovered that unlike the train operators would have you believe, its not that much better today. But at least the buses were running so I managed to get into work, but I have to say I thin I would have been better staying at home.

I mean if you have a business continuity plan working from home shouldn’t be the end of the world these days as the technology has moved on so much.

Broadband speeds apart, working from home is pretty productive as there are less distractions and less phone calls.

We’ve been using Meebo for collaborating and discussing plans or projects and this has overall worked pretty well. Probably need to get a couple more VPN access to our CMS actually working, but that aside we’ve coped.

Of course, Twitter has been a big winner and the most useful tool to help keep up-to-date with the latest travel disruptions and travel news.

On the light-hearted side of things we are collecting photos for a gallery for all those WFHers who’ve made snowmen.

Send them into us at Computerweekly and we’ll post them into our photo gallery.
Here’s one taken from a colleague of ours who works for, a HR mag.
It’s a scary supersized snowwoman… #uksnow SE26 1/10 @fhinewhine found this scary snowman, woman... on TwitPic