Video straight from Gartner symposium in Barcelona

One of our journalists, JP Kamath, was in Barcelona this week at Gartner’s symposium on IT. As well as writing analysis pieces and networking, JP also took some what we call “quick and dirty” video and posted straight up onto ComputerWeekly from the event.

As you can see from this video, the quality is not the same as the video we produce using professional camera equipment, because it is filmed on a mobile phone, so the sound and image quality is not as high. But it works and it seems to be popular with our readers.

Others are also doing this sort of thing. Rory Cellan-Jones of the BBC trialled a series of  mobile phones at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona earlier this year too.

Mobiles posting video clips online – its convergence – but its also showing that technology developments are giving journalists new reporting tools.