Using twitter well... some good examples of listening

One of the better presentations so far at Media 140 was Ciaran Norris’s keynote “Learning to Listen”, during which highlighted some of the good examples of companies that have listened well on twitter or other social media platforms.

  • Comcast, an ISP in the US, responds to every tweet complaining about their service. It got some great free publicity after responding to Techcrunch editor Michael Arrington’s angry tweet – he later wrote a post saying how good they had been, which went out to his 3m readers.
  • Dominos faced a PR nightmare after two employees filmed themselves putting pizzas up their noses while at work. It’s a little unclear as to why this was fun, but it must have appealled to some people because it got 600,000 views on YouTube. The company took 48 hours to respond, but their video got 1m views in the end, so the positive appeared to outweigh the negative.
  • First Direct feeds every comment about the company onto its site – both positive and negative. It has the potential to backfire, but it does show customers that it appears to be listening, and it creates one space where staff can see every comment made.
  • But not everyone gets it right. I wasn’t able to get down all the details but Ryanair staff attacked and argued with a blogger on a blog discussion board, for daring to suggest he found a bug on their site. He was relatively polite but they insulted and threatened him. When Ryanair did come up with a formal response, they stuck to their guns, callin him an “idiot blogger” and saying they wouldnt listen to anyone like him. Not the way to do it.

Ciaran is a former colleague of mine at Reed Business Information, we worked on CatererSearch together… Ciaran was our SEO point man, now he is head of social marketing for Mindshare.