US Army wants more twitter followers than Ashton Kutcher

Great story from the New York daily news blog by Stephanie Gaskell: Twitter is getting militarised. The US Army wants more twitter followers than the Ashton Kutcher, who has notched more than one million. The US Army currently has about 5000 followers.

This quote from the US Army’s new online and social media head explains why:

“We know that our ability to share the Army story is shaped by how we tell it and where we tell it,” said Lt. Col. Kevin Arata, who heads the Army’s new Online and Social Media Division. “Using social media platforms allows us to tell our story where we know people are at and are listening.”

Of course, the US Army will have its own motivations for embracing social media, like helping combat troops communicate (well not directly as that would compromise security) with loved ones etc and helping boost morale. Its Facebook page altready has nearly 5000 fans with lots of “moms and dads” of servicemen signed up to hear the latest from the US Army.

I guess developing a big social network will also benefit recruitment, always an issue for the Armed Forces and as I have said before, tracking noise on twitter can help with crisis management as well as pushing positive stories.