Top trends in IT for 2009

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, turkeys are getting rather nervous and IT firms start making their predictions for the New Year.

First out the blocks has been Verizon Business (VzB) who has issued its predictions very much influenced by the current economic downturn which the firm sees lasting throughout 2009.

  1. Enterprise 2.0
  2. Work as Activity Versus Place
  3. Doing More with Less
  4. Visual Communications
  5. Unified Communications Integrated into Business Processes
  6. Getting SaaSy
  7. 360 Security
  8. Eco-responsibility as Sound Business Strategy
  9. Ready, Set Go IPv6
  10. Cutting Through the Compliance Clutter

In the current economic climate, says VzB, business and government IT leaders are faced with a “unique opportunity to make technology work harder despite cost and resource challenges so they can move their enterprises forward.”

IT managers have used many words to describe the affect that the recession has had on their businesses but I don’t seem to recall the word opportunity ever being uttered. In fact they have generally been rather pithier with their words.

The list seems fair and logical, oriented toward the network being at the centre of everything, which I guess you’d expect from, well, a networking firm.

But the networrk will indeed the likes of mobile computing and hosted apps (such as CRM etc) that will enable firms to be more flexible and productive entities.

And in fairness, the list has been constructed in order to help IT leaders do more with less, what they are going to be doing a lot more of next year.

Of that you can be totally sure

And investement in the right IT will beat the recession. Not convinced? Even Gordon Brown says so.