The Apollo 11 mission's computers were less powerful than today's mobile phones

It’s absolutely amazing that the computers used to guide the Apollo 11 mission to the moon were no more powerful than a pocket calculator or a mobile phone.

The crucial role that the lunar programme played in the development of modern computing should not be under-estimated. Learning from the lunar programme led to the development of safety-critical systems and the practice of software engineering to program those systems.

So it can be said with some confidence that much of this knowledge gleaned from the Apollo 11 lunar programme forms the basis of modern computing.

This is why we have devoted so much energy and space on to the 40th anniversary of one of man’s greatest ever achievements.

Not only can you read about the fascinating technology behind the moon landing but also our special report on Apollo 11 is packed full of interesting information like this interactive timeline and also interesting information from our sister website

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john said,
July 20, 2009at 2:03 pm

The problem is that all this looked more like a PR action, not a real physical experiment as it supposed to be. For example, we saw how the astronauts brushed their teeth, but we never saw how they left the Apollo cabin for the lunar module, how they made all those complex movements (do you all know that they needed (all 7 missions) to turn 180 deg in space and lock with the lunar module that was going behind ??), etc.
all we know is that many pictures bear the traces of staging/postprocessing and that some 380 kg of moon rocks brought as the only real evidence have disappeared in the NASA archives.

Yeah it seems that a lot of evidence supports that the apollo missions were staged. I agree with you that it was all done for PR, regardless if it was all staged or not. Remember that they were in the cold war back then. Their success would mean America was ahead of the Soviet Union in terms of technology.
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