Starship Enterprise 2.0: warp speed ahead

After last week’s posting detailing the start of the trends seen for 2009, the trends are flying in and among what is being predicted by all and sundry there are some common themes, one of which is certainly Enterprise 2.0.

Now those familiar with the phrase may argue that the phrase’s familiarity means it’s nothing new and was in fact predicted as a trend for 2008. Fair point.

But no matter what its novelty Enterprise 2.0 could, theoretically allow firms to deploy those seemingly insatiable (and bandwidth munching) tools – such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter – that workers use when they really shouldn’t and use them for business advantage.

That is to say enabling workers to connect to their extended network of customers, suppliers, vendors and employees enhancing collaboration, communications and sharing ideas in the same way that they hook up with add swap text and games and whatever.

In short, Enterprise 2.0.