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The most read article on ComputerWeekly last week was Ofcom’s assessment of Facebook.

Ofcom measures Facebook phenomenon

Next was Tony Collins’s story on a new PC deal that would save the public sector billion of pounds – PC deal could save public sector billions

Troubles at Heathrow’s T5 continued to attract plenty of interest and Rebecca Thomson’s story that IT experts were tackling the baggage handling systems problems was the third most poular on the site – IT experts tackle baggage system problems at Heathrows Terminal 5

In fourth place was our first of three April Fool’s stories. Ian Grant’s Orwellian masterpiece about scrapping ID cards for RFID implants for kids was the most popular of the three – ID cards scrapped in favour of RFID implants for infants

Google’s announcement that it is gearing up to challenge Microsoft’s dominance in the desktop arena was also a big story on the site and the fifth most popular – Google Docs squares up to Microsoft Word with offline access