Microsoft's Windows 7 launches this week - will Microsoft get the launch of Windows 7 right?

This week is massive for Microsoft. It really is a big deal that the US software giant gets its new operating system Windows 7 off to a flying start, particularly as the Vista launch three years ago was such a flop.

I don’t think anyone expects Microsoft to repeat the same mistakes again with Windows 7 ….and in many cases the early reviews have been favourable. Windows 7 appears to be fast, secure and reliable and most importantly is compatible with early versions of Windows family… incompatibility was a disaster for Vista.

However, while we don’t expect a botched launch, it will be polished, a BBC article poses the question, will this be Microsoft’s most successful, yet last operating system launch?

It’s a good point. Microsoft’s new product could well be its best operating system, but is it its business model that needs updating?

Many analysts expect businesses to adopt Windows 7 OS quicker than they have upgraded in the past, particularly as Microsoft will stop supporting Windows XP in April 2014.

For now the PC and Windows is still king in the enterprise, but with the rise of browser based applications and Google Chrome OS next year, how long will this remain the case. This could mean that the dominating factors that drive enterprises to stick within the Microsoft family, become less important.

In many ways it is that is a bigger threat to Microsoft than a botched Windows 7 release… having said that though a botched release, would be a killer, following the failure of Vista. I really don’t expect that to happen again. As I said all early commentary has generally given Windows 7 a thumbs up, even if it is a bit safe.

That’s why we did a rather mischievous piece that listed the features in Windows 7 that may bug you