Media 140 event in London looks at how brands should use real-time social media

There are a few online tools, such as twitter, YouTube and Facebook, that are by their very nature born out technology. 

That’s why we cover them… they are web services that have made a fundamental difference to the way we consume and find information online, and they also give us the opportunity to do other things, that we hadn’t before, such as collaborate and share online in real time.

For me, tools like twitter blurr the lines between technology and marketing. Twitter is a great, probably the best example, of a new breed of social media tools that offers businesses, and individuals, a great opportunity to collaborate and communicate better with their customers, consumers, colleagues and friends.

Traditionally, this is the preserve of marketeers….. often the marketeers don’t understand the technology, or how people interact and work online, and hence there’s some almighty mistakes! We have documented some of the worst marketing blunders on twitter previously – it’s worth another look, if you’re interested in this topic!

There is often resistance to using social media tools by businesses, simply because their control and command culture is weakened. Businesses find it harder to micro manage their communications and shock horror, they actually mean conversing with real customers/consumers!

Those businesses who have got it and are using the likes of twitter really well, find it hugely rewarding…it’s a great way to build your brand reputation, get closer to your customers and share and communicate with them on a personal level… and not a faceless corporate level.

If you you want to find out more about this…then the Media140 event in London on 28 October is a great place to start: Everything a brand needs to know about twitter and real-time social media is dedicated to helping businesses build online brands and has a great line up of speakers and brands, including Paul Hoskins Head of Customer Experience EasyJet
and Ted Hunt Digital Communications Manager from Innocent drinks.

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