Mail Goggles - such a cool idea

Google has just come up with a solution to a technology phenomenon – namely sending inappropriate emails and texts when you are too drunk to do so.

Have you ever sent a text or an email when you are worse for wear, having imbibed one over the eight?

Picture the situation. It is late on a Friday having spent the evening in the rub-a-dub-dub after a stressful week at work. Suddenly you get the urge to fire off an email to your boss in which you try and solve all the office’s problems. Its all too easy.

The result is you send a disastrous email is a and you know it as soon as you hit send…. it will cause offence, you will slur your colleagues and your chances of getting a pay rise or promotion at the year end. The solution , according to Google is to install Mail Goggles on your gmail and this will present you with a series of maths questions that you have to answer if you try and send an email late on a Friday or Saturday night. You can set the timings up yourself, but if you’re too drunk to answer the maths questions the email remains unsent saving your blushes in the office on a Monday morning. Neat hey!