Le Web - what's going to be the biggest developments in real time web in 2010

So we conducted some random vox pop videos at Le Web in Paris about think the biggest developments in the real time web in 2010.

As we pull together the video footage into a nice neat video package, I’ve picked out some people’s views as “food for thought” as it were. These were ones that we didn’t capture on video, but seem interesting points of view.

Queen Rania of Jordan said that real time is becoming prime time and called for real time online activism to lead to real action.

Sociologist Danah Boyd said that the real time web made parts of society so much more visible, some of this makes us uncomfortable. “We need to find ways to deal with this and what can we do about it.”

Ethan Beard, head of Facebook’s developers’ platform, said that there was going to be more platform developments, particularly in mobile.

Just a few views and with twitter opening up its API to developers and Google including Real Time Search into its results, it does seem that the real time web is moving on.

The growth of Le Web as a conference is testament to that. It was much bigger this year in terms of delegates, so the industry is growing up, but lets face it its still in its infancy, so there’s a long way to go before it matures and really finds its business model.   

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James, an interesting piece and interesting comments. The statement of Queen Rania must be considered in non-altruistic contexts also, the immediacy and potential for such activism provides fertile ground for propagandists, scaling from small lobbies to hostile governments. This throws up ‘old problems’ of ascertaining ‘authority of source’, motivation, basis of sentiment (e.g. prejudice, rumour) and ensuring that this does not skew real-time search results. Fascinating subject area with much required research…