Keep your clothes on or take them off for chariteee - debate about the Nude London tech calendar

There’s a great debate going on about whether the women taking part in Nude London tech calendar are harming their careers, or giving them a boost, on our WITsend blog?

Yes its sad that this debate has focused on the role of women in this calendar, but that’s hardly surprising as the tech industry is trying harder than most to try and get greater recognition for the role of the women in the sector. 

What is interesting is the viewpoint expressed by Eileen Burbridge, that you can’t be taken seriously as a successful businesswoman in tech (a sector that is still in the dark ages when it comes to their representation) if you take your clothes off, whether its for charity or not.

And on this point I tend to agree with Eileen, it ain’t going to do you any favours and enhance your career. Not just from your peers, but also maybe from your employees, who may not agree with your libralism.

I’m all for the sector having a bit of fun, not taking itself too seriously and trying to shake off its unsexy image, in order to make itself more attractive as a sector to pursue a career in…I’m just not sure that a nude calendar is the best way to do that.

Offering exciting, dynamic, fast moving, creative and rewarding careers that offer equal opportunities for men and women alike is surely a better way to do that.