James Bond's gadgets - what you think about our favourites?

Our picture story on James Bond’s gadgets attracted lots of attention and plenty of comments (162 all together) and as we don’t have comment on an article functionality yet (doh!) we have posted the best of them here in my blog, where you can add your comments too.

by ceoyoyo
Myth Busters build a remote controlled car every other episode (they always seem to build it from scratch… odd).
Here’s a toy car retrofitted to be controlled by an iPhone: http://www.walyou.com/blog/2008/09/10/how-to-remote-control-rc-cars-using-the-iphone/ [walyou.com]

If you are smart, phone control of a car works
by pimpsoftcom

I know this because I designed/created a system to do it a few years back.
Its actually not very hard, I did this with a app on my then-new smart phone, using its internet access to connect car based computer I also gave internet access and configured to use a static host name using a dy-dns like setup on the car based computer system.
The hardest problem I had was calibration of the electronics to interface with the actual driving of the car; I never realized how much we as humans compensate for a slight directional drift on the steering wheel, or how refined our ability to break slowly is. Also, the brakes are an issue as the correct leverage for the breaks can be broken easily if you don’t set it up correctly; Get it wrong and you cant actually use the car outside of the remote control because the assembly to drive it is in the way.
In general, The older the car, the more issues you will have. Also, the power and electrical systems are the picture of inadequacy if you are looking to build your own ‘Kit’. I actually may try to dig out my old notes, many of my ideas for additions may be possible now.

by snspdaarf
Google this: invisibility suit wiki
It works, but not nearly as well as in the Bond movie. But, that’s the point, isn’t it?

by UncleWilly

In the first Bond book, Casino Royal, the only high tech is that J Bond has oversized headlights on his car. He is more a international detective, smoking two packs a day, and drinking hard liquor.

by Drakkenmensch

What about Oddjob’s razor-brimmed bowler hat? That’s the one I always wanted! Mythbusters tried to make one, and managed to knock off the head of a concrete statue (with Kari throwing no less) even though it was a hollow core molded statue. Still, that hat put a new spin on the old “dressed to kill” standard!

The Bensen Gyrocopter
by Animats 

They didn’t mention the Bensen Gyrocopter [msgyro.com] from “You Only Live Twice”. That was a real, flyable aircraft, although the version that came in four big suitcases (a scene stolen from “Thief of Baghdad”) was a dummy.

Aston Martin + Champagne refrigerator
by jbeaupre

May I direct you attention to the one gadget we all really want: the Aston Martin with champagne refrigerator. You might want some of the other features http://www.aston-martin.us/007/goldfinger.html [aston-martin.us] but I submit that the combination of the two were the most useful for defeating the other side. Really, how often will you ever “retractable tyre slashers” to impress a woman? And even for guys here on Slashdot, you’re 1000 times more likely to need an advantage when dealing with women than ever have to douse flame throwing motorcycles.

by steveha
This is an actual car, but the Bond version remains sheer fantasy. The Rinspeed’s passenger compartment is not pressurized; it’s designed to let the water in. According to the above cited text:
With an enclosed volume of just two cubic meters of air the vehicle weight would have to increase by two tons (!) to counteract the unwanted buoyancy, giving the “sQuba” the land mobility of a turtle.
The James Bond movie car drove fast on land, and shot wet cement onto the windscreen of a pursuing car, before driving into the sea and then firing a missile to shoot down a helicopter. This is cooler, though, because it actually exists.

just don’t stop to ask where the energy comes from
by petes_PoV

super-strong electromagnets built into wristwatches, finger-sized lasers that can cut through metal, electric saws in you watch (again). If we had the technology to supply these things with the power they need, we’d never need to switch off our laptops, as the batteries would never run out. However, they’d have far too much stored energy to ever be let through airport security.

I was just reading the Bond gadget roundup, and I have to say that the one that is missing that I used to LOVE as a kid (I always imagined I had one!) was the dartgum wrist-watch from one of the older Bonds (I think that Roger Moore was 007, but I can’t remember the actual movie title). The device could be outfitted with different types of darts, including lethal and non-lethal. One of the humor points of the movie is where Bond is given the device, and, in true Bond curiosity / initial ineptitude style, he shoots a dart into a portrait of the Queen, to a disapproving look from Q.

I can think of a couple of James Bond gadgets you forgot. There was the machine gun equiped gyrocopter (Little Nellie) used in “You Only Live Twice”. There was also a BD-5J “Acrostar” Microjet used in “Octopussy” that was launched from a horse trailer and which, when it ran out of fuel, James pulled up to a roadside gas station with the wings folded and casually said “Fill her up please” to the gas station attendant.
The air planes
And the flying car from The man with golden gun.

What about the miniature helicopter assembled from a few brief cases that Sean Connery used? I think it was called Nellie.
In response to the “15 best Bond gadgets”, I have only to ask: why are there only 14?  #15 is just a picture of daniel craig, with no gadget included – or perhaps the best gadget is bond’s brain, brawn, and flexibility?

I recall “Little Nellie” the combination hang glider / helicopter that shot missles.
Jim Laragy

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