Inspectagadget gets a new blogger... at last! LOL

For sometime my colleague Faisal Alani has borne the brunt of producing content for our successful Inspectagadget blog.

Eventually, he persuaded me that he should have additional contributors. After a bit of arm twisting, I agreed, and we put a call out to our twitter community.

To say we were avalanched with queries would be an overstatement, but we did have quite a few. From that we have appointed Karl Hodge as part of the blogging team for Inspectagadget. Congratulations Karl, I know your posts will be informative, interesting and most importantly entertaining.

To see some of Karl’s work see his latest two pieces:

1. Vodafone gets friendly with 360

2. Kindle coming to the Mac

Great stuff Karl – look forward to many more of your contributions.