I'm a PC viral sticker thing competition

Right I have a confession to make.

My old uni friend Steve Clayton, who works for Microsoft and writes the “Geek In Disguise blog” gave me some Microsoft “I’m A PC” stickers a while back to distribute as part of viral campaign to disseminate said stickers. 

OK – I have stickers and if you want one then get in contact via email or twitter and to get your hands on one you will have to send a stamped, self addressed envelope to James Garner, ComputerWeekly.com, Quadrant House, Sutton, Surrey SM2 5AS. See below for more information from the venerable Mr Clayton:

Okay…a day later than I expected to post this but I’ve been thinking through how I equitably distribute the 10,000 I’m A PC stickers I have come in to ownership of. Stickers are fantastic viral media or social objects as my friend Hugh calls them so I’m keen to activate them in this way and get wide distribution. Given that, here is the plan…feel free to comment/suggest other ideas

  • If you’re REALLY keen to get a sticker, lets do the Blue Peter thing – send me a stamped, self addressed envelope to Steve Clayton, Microsoft Ltd, Thames Valley Park, Reading, Berkshire, RG6 1WG (I don’t go to the office too often so it may take a few weeks).
  • Once you have stuck your sticker, take a photo and post it to the I’m A PC group on Facebook Flickr group (or email it to me – stevecla AT microsoft.com)…ideally with a location so we can also map them.

The Competition

  • You can take part in this even if you have a sticker already (except MS employees)
  • When Windows 7 launches, Steve Clayton will chose the best photo that is unusual/mad/cool/whatever takes his fancy…..and the winner will get a signed copy of Windows 7 and some other schwag he can line up. Note it will not be signed by me…I will ensure it’s signed by “the other Steve”.

So there you have it….a multitude of ways to lay your hands on the humble sticker. Lets make it happen.

So go on folk take part and send in your photos to the flickr group to enter.