IT sector sheds more jobs - LinkedIn, Wired and Virgin all announce job losses

It’s been a hot topic all year – will the IT sector be hit by the recession?

Well mounting job losses shows it is being hit and it is being hit hard already – LinkedIn, Wired and Virgin have all cut jobs in the past few days.

Keep up-to-date with the latest job losses in the industry through our special report and map mash-up showing all the latest cuts.

I know its not nice reading, but i do think its important to know how the IT industry is being affected by the UK economy’s serious downturn. Tonight I’m going to a CW500 club event when this will be discussed at length tonight – look out for our video coverage soon.  

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I am in need of some hardware advice, and if I sound like a novice, it's only because I am! Without alot of detailed explanation, we have an opportunity to to potentially supply 40K+ devices (Hybrid desktops) to a campus enviornment. The ONLY application is for internet access. There is no additional need for any word, financial, etc, etc. (Office type)applications. I say we need desktops, however an "all in one" type laptop would be best to minimize installation labor, but cost is the driver. I do not even know where to begin. Obviously an HP, Compact, Dell type company would be first on my list or should they be? Any advice would be appreciated. We also need a tutorial "for beginners" and would be interested in where to go for such a developer.