How to get through the Christmas party season with your career intact

I spoke to a friend or mine who works in the City for one of the big banks. He’s fairly high up the food chain and we catching up about the general atmosphere and he explained that the situation was so serious at the moment that every staff member had to be ultra careful or they could lose their jobs.

Now we know it can be a cut throat environment in the City, but he said that he had told his team not to do anything that might put them at risk, including their surfing habits. If they were caught looking at websites that were off the company’s code of conduct, they would be out on your ear, that was for sure.

So with the Christmas party season upon us this year maybe the year to make sure you keep your nose clean. So with that in mind Michael Pincher has written for us a guide to help everyone get through the Christmas party season with their career and reputation intact. It includes some top tips interspersed with YouTube video clips that’ll make you laugh.
I’ll drink to that – happy festivities!