How my conversation with Jabberwacky the talking robot went

I just had a conversation with a robot called Jabberwacky and I think I got the answer I deserved.

The conversation went like this:

J Tell me what you do.
Me Write me a blog post.
J Do you just want me to be happy?
Me No – I want it to be informative.
J A what?
Me No I want you to tell me what I shoud write in my blog.
J I think you should be smart enough to figure that out on your own.

Stupid questions get smart arse responses, but why would a robot or more pertinently Artificial Intelligence robots be able to write a blog post for me?…. and quite rightly Jabberwacky told me to figure it out myself!

Although the conversation is one dimensional, it stills amazes me that a software programme can converse at all. The BCS’s Odd IT blog documents another similar conversation covered in the Times and the Guardian.

Last week our readers loved our story about Elbot, the talking robot and the Turing test…so its obvioulsy an area of interest in the IT community.