HMRC's loss of 25 million personal data records has four excellent pieces of analysis on HMRC’s loss of 25 million personal data records on a CD.

It is a worrying development for individuals, like myself, who have data stored by HMRC because they claim child tax credits. Do I need to change bank account, because the data could get into the wrong hands allowing criminals to defraud me?

Well I guess it’s a watching brief to guard against this, because the hassle and time taken to change bank accounts for most will be prohibitive.

What all four pieces of analysis on point to is that this breach is hardly surprising and if this case hadn’t come to light then it was only a matter of time before another security breach did.

Tony Collin’s looks at what went wrong at the HMRC and traces the chain of events leading to the data breach.

David Lacey says that HMRC’s actions are unforgiveable.

Stuart King asks questions about the management processes at HMRC.

And Philip Virgo says that the HMRC is not the only organisation whose practices are suspect when it comes to handling data.

If you want a truly rounded view of all the issues then you need go no further than’s journalists and bloggers.