Google Chrome and Microsoft Windows 7 ads target the general public

Today (17 December) I’ve seen two Google Chrome ads, both in traditional offline formats.

One was a cover wrap on Shortlist, a weekly giveaway aimed at male London commuters. The other was a billboard as I walked out of Sutton station in Surrey.

Google, one of the world’s most tech savvy companies, is using traditional forms of advertising to promote its new operating system. The advertising its seems is aimed very much at the general public, rather than the enterprises.

Google’s ad campaign follows hot on the heels of Microsoft’s Windows 7 massive consumer brand campaign that was very much targeted at young consumers.

I’m not sure I can draw any conclusions, but rather make observations about this.

1) Two tech giants that have massive online presences are using traditional forms of media for advertising their new operating systems.

2) Both campaigns appear to be targeting young audiences – and not one that I would normally associate as being OS aware. Maybe I’m wrong, but this tactic surprises me and I’d be interested to know the rationale behind it. Anyone know or have any ideas then let us know.