Flickr joins in online video but not everyone likes it

Yesterday’s post about the BBC and its iPlayer got some good reaction, which I have commented on.

Thanks for all your comments. I can understand people getting anxious about their license fee and how the BBC chooses to use it, but I agree mostly with Andrew and Ian. Technology will continue to develop regardless of whether its the BBC or another broadcaster that supplies the market as the demand for online video is huge.

The infrastructure therefore must be able to support this development and not stifle it. I expect the ISPs will alter their business models to reflect consumers’ appetite for video online.

Video continues to become more popular online – as if to prove the point Flickr has just launched its own video service for its Pro users, who pay about £12 for their pro status.

While I’m sure many Flickr users will enjoy this new feature, it has ruffled quite a few feathers in the Flickr online community so far about 22,000 have registered disquiet as part of the “We say NO to videos on Flickr”.

The new video-sharing feature, which lets Flickr “Pro” users upload 90-second videos alongside regular photos, is seen by some as a move by Yahoo to compete with YouTube.

Flickr spokesperson Terrell Karlsten said: “We thought long and hard about how we would integrate video so it complemented the existing Flickr experience. We always welcome feedback from our community and appreciate their opinions across many topics.”

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The "No Video on flickr" movement is not (well, not entirely) a bunch of Luddites whining about moving pictures. The flickr corporate strategy is a desperate short-term attempt by parent company Yahoo to add value before an impending corporate take-over.

Adding video to flickr is a horrible move for the brand, for the long-term health of flickr, and for the user community. flickr management is diluting the brand identity, introducing "New Coke" at the expense of "Classic Coke." This wil not help the Yahoo bargaining position, and even foolishly endangers Yahoo employee stock options.

Nothing keeps flickr from introducing a separate video service except the desire to exploit flickr community user numbers for short-term gain in the corporate wars.

flickr community members have a strong interest in a strong flickr brand identity. This move weakens it.

The group "We Say NO to Videos on Flickr" now has 28,038 Members! Check out all those photos!
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