Eureka moment absent at AOP summit

I’ve learned a few interesting things at the Association of Online Publishers event today, but no eureka moments… a bit disappointing really.

But then is it surprising that when you get a bunch of media owners together in a room that what you get is several bland platitudes and nothing of real substance that makes you think wow they’ve cracked it!

There’s been a fair bit of navel gazing, and there’s also been some good speakers, but what have we really learned that we didn’t already know?

Online publishers find monetisation a challenge, journalists find the new ways of publishing a challenge and the growth of the internet continues to march on at a pace that often leaves everyone behind.

Being fleet of foot and agile makes a difference, but is that because these companies often adopt and use technology to grow their business and provide a better experience for their audience. More techies in media land… perhaps that’s what we need!