Dominos creates Twitter account after last week's PR disaster

A huge amount of time and energy is spent thinking about social media and whether it’s important for businesses.

Well, it is. Last week’s Dominos pizza scandal was a PR disaster of momentous proportions for the comapny. The YouTube video of two employees doing revolting things to a pizza got a huge number of views (probably ended up over one million). Its currently not available, due to a copyright claim by one of the employees Kristy Hammonds, but by then the damage was already done.

The story was huge on Twitter with lots of people asking what’s going on with Dominos? What is Dominos doing to counteract this?

To be fair Dominos was doing and saying things but these weren’t being covered on Twitter as is pointed out by this excellent analysis “Social Media baptism for Dominos” by Neville Hobson.

It did post a company statement on its website and then delivered a video response on YouTube some time later.

However, Dominos biggest failing in counteracting the viral avalanche that was crashing around them was that it wasn’t on twitter to pick up all the noise of what was being said about them.

So its not just for viral marketing that companies should be utilising social media, but for customer relationship, particularly relevant when faced with a digital media storm of the like experienced by Dominos last week.

It was a baptism of fire in social media for Dominos last week, but it has reacted positively and set up a twitter account, which has over a 1200 followers already, and it is communicating about the issue openly on this.

A good start to recovery, I would say. This is a great example of why it is so important for businesses to understand social media and twitter.