Dominos counts the cost of staff pranks on YouTube

Dominos pizza has been at the centre of a social media storm since the staff at a Dominos drive thru in the US posted videos of themselves on YouTube that showed them doing disgusting things to the pizzas they were making.

The story first broke on The Consumerist where you can see all the gory details or watch below.

While the pair, who call themselves Kirsty and Michael, get up to high jinks while making food for customers, including farting on a sandwich and putting cheese up his nose, the fast-food pizza company has been caught in a PR disaster of huge proportions.

The two members of staff have been fired and may also face trail as police have issued a warrant for their arrest.

The saga provides a cautionary tale for both the amateur film-makers, who may well face prison, but also for the pizza company that has to limit the damage to its brand….. before its too late.

So far it has acted swiftly, but even that may be too late. Twitter activity on the subject was huge and over half a million people have watched the videos online and its going up. For more on this see Neville Hobson’s analysis on how bad news travels fast these days.  

We recently ran a story on a poll that showed that security risks will increase in 2009 as staff, who lose jobs in the sconomic downturn look for ways to sabotage their companies.

In this day and age with so many free tools within easy grasp the PR damage can be huge as the Dominos instance shows. Beware your staff may be your weakest link as well as your biggest asset.