Do you want to come to my Windows 7 launch party? No I didn't think so

Sometimes you stumble across something that is so excruciatingly painful that it deserves comment.

After yesterday’s post highlighting how Microsoft would not repeat its mistakes of before and botch the release of Windows 7 like it had Vista three years ago, I came across a very good article in the Economist called Clash of the Clouds.

The piece looks at Windows 7 as heralding a new era in personal computing where all the information will be stored in the cloud in huge data centres that dish up data over the internet to users via browsers, smartphones or other “client devices”.

In other words, the launch of Windows 7 marks the end of personal computing as we have known it, cloud services will dominate from now on and this must be worrying for Microsoft’s future business model.

More worrying for Microsoft is this cringeworthy video on how to host your own launch party for Windows 7 – yeh right! Who at Microsoft dreamed this up? I thought Microsoft had turned its PR around and was starting to make headway and then you see something like this – this is why Microsoft isn’t cool like Apple. 

Choices: Hold a launch party for Windows 7 or play a round of golf or watch X-Factor or Strictly Come Dancing? I know what I’d prefer to be doing. Particularly after watching this fingernail rasping video produced presumably by Microsoft on how to hold your own launch party!


I love the line towards the end: “Can you believe that Microsoft put the launch of Windows 7 in our hands. Are they nuts or what?” “Maybe by letting you be involved!”

Too right by letting you lot get involved in this toe-curling video. Not sure if this has helped increase the buzz about Microsoft’s Windows 7 launch in the USA, but Microsoft’s marketing department shoudl know that it doesn’t transalte well across the Atlantic in the UK! It is interesting that the comments on this video has been disabled – wonder why? And of course there are planty of spoofs on YouTube already, my favourite is at the bottom of this post.

So please don’t expect an invite to my Windows 7 launch party, because I won’t be having one.    

If you want to know in advance what features of Windows 7 that might annoy you take a look at this photo story on the Dirty Dozen of Windows 7