Dell pimps your laptop

It’s a bit like pimp your laptop, but there’s no need to do any pimping as Dell’s latest designs for the oh so funky Dell Art House – special art edition laptops – designed by Mike Ming do that for you. I like them. They are “about as close to a tattoo as any laptop can get,” said Ming.

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HP’s ONE multivendor alliance program is a logical step in adding more data center value for their existing ProCurve customers. Customers, however, must beware as “the devil is in the details” and even more so in “the operational complexity” that can result from trying to take advantage of infrastructure and equipment consolidation without having the supporting IP service integration properly designed and innovated.

Glad to see Dell aspiring to such things. Funny,
when Apple makes an announcement like this,
it's because they've done it - switched all
of their displays to LED. Dell then announces
they they're going to plan switching to LED screens
in the future.... Umm, okay, but rather than the press
conference and greenwashing, how's about they actually
switch to LED displays, and then we can chat about it.
I bought a Dell desktop almost three years ago along with a service plan. Recently one of the hard drives in my RAID started showing some problems -- although it took a little while with tech support (and a whole lot of time running a diagnostic) to sort it out, they ended up sending out a guy with a new motherboard and drive (just in case the problem was with the hard drive controller). He installed the parts, was in and out in around an hour.
I'm so much glad to see Dell aspiring to such things.
I think it would be perfect to partner on my wireless USB connection.Design to be a tattoo limited edition.Really nice and cool creation.