DIY Christmas decorations from the IT store cupboard (top five)

Rebecca FroleyWell, as it’s my last week in the office before the Christmas break, I guess it’s about time I introduce myself, as James has promised!

I’m Rebecca Froley, and I’ve recently joined James at as deputy web editor. If you’d like to know a bit about my background – from Microsoft Encarta, to web sites for builders, via a stint helping make software for vicars – then check out my profile at

But enough of that. It’s the holiday season, so it’s time for some fun…

To help you get into the festive spirit, I’ve compiled a list of my top five ways to decorate your IT department by reusing stuff from your hardware / media store cupboard

1. Recycled circuit-tree

Circuit-tree decoration from Nigel's Eco-store

Old green circuit boards are just the right thing for fashioning a ready decorated tree… And Nigel’s Eco-store has a whole range of recycled circuit and CD tree decorations available for those who can’t quite cut it alone…

2. Shredded CD snowflakes

Shredded CD snowflake from Instructables

You’ll need a pretty powerful shredder for this one, and a far tighter grip on your CDs than the HMRC

3. Computer-key tree garlands

Computer key tinsel

Perhaps not the best photograph in the world, but it’s enough to demonstrate what an elegant alternative this could make to tinsel… See it in its full glory wrapped around jcdavis’ computer junk Christmas tree.

4. CD/DVD Christmas wreath

CD Wreath from Make Stuff

Those old CDs/DVDs are just so right for the season with their ‘giant sequin’ looks, and this wreath looks nice and festive with its oh-so shiny finish…

5. Tinsel winder

When Twelfth Night comes round, you’ll need all the help you can to tidy up, so get your tinsel-tape winder prepared now!

(With thanks to Rach and Dominic for this seasonal entry into our Hardware Hoarders competition!)

And finally, while it doesn’t quite qualify as DIY, you really have to see this PacMan Christmas tree spotted by the folks at Make… Ah, those dreams of Christmas past!