Computer Weekly's search for the 'Best Blogs in IT' gets exciting

In May we asked you to nominate your favourite blogs to help us identify the best “IT blogs in the UK”. Thanks to those who shared with us their must-reads, by June we had about 300 nominations for blogs that IT professionals are reading.

Now it’s your turn again as it’s time to cast your vote for your favourite blogs in IT.

Our panel of judges has selected the best blogs in each category, highlighting blogs that are bang-up-to-date, relevant to the UK, and liked by your peers.

So get involved and let us know what you think is the best blog in each category, by voting for your favourites at

Personally, I think this is an excellent list and a great resource in keeping tabs on some of the best bloggers in the IT industry (relevant to the UK).

I like Confused of Calcutta, partly because I am a massive cricket fan, as is the author, and I like the diversion from IT. However, it has also got some great content and JP Rangaswami has a nice easy writing style.

I am also a fan of Steve Clayton’s Geek in Disguise in the Corporate blog section. I have to admit a personal interest here as I was at Loughborough University with Steve. I knew he had gone on to work at Microsoft and was having a succesful career, but I never expected our paths to cross in the blogosphere, but they have. It’s not just because I know Steve that I like his blog as I like his mix of topical IT trends and discussion, occasional humour and interesting insights. Thankfully it’s not full of corporate guff.

Another blog I’d like to highlight is the Guardian’s PDA: the digital content blog. This is again is due to a personal interest in digital media, social networking, social media, digital journalism and new communication technologies.

Remember your votes will determine the final winner in each category, and we will also beselecting a “best of the best” – guided in large part by which blog gets themost votes overall.

Go here to vote for your favourites at