Cern and the Big Bang... so we didn't end up in a black hole

It seems from the general theme from the comments to my earlier post is a large dose of scepticism about the hysterical way some sections of the media has reported Cern’s Large Hadron Collider being switched on today, but have some faith… I think the BBC has reported it well and has given today’s events a lot of prominence. I listened this morning to the Today’s programme’s coverage of the LHC being switched on, admittedly it was the most riveting radio, but it shows the value that Radio 4 has placed on the event with its Big Bang day.

It’s latest updates show no collisions so far as these may take up to a week to happen. So I guess we’ll be hearing a lot more from Cern over the coming months. If you seriously want to learn more then check Cern’s mini site on the LHC.

As a colleague Colin Barras from our sister title New Scientist wrote in July, when the findings from Cern starting coming out “it really will rock your head”.