Cate Sevilla to blog for could you join our bloggers as well?

cupcate.pngI’m really pleased that Cate Sevilla has signed up as a guest blogger on’s WITSend blog for women whowork in IT.

Cate is the founder of, a women’s lifestyle blog network, that includes technology, so she has a good handle on what it feels to be a woman working in the IT industry.

This is something we feel passionately about at We have said it many times before: The industry is poorer for the lack of women that work within IT and anything we can do to highlight the issue, or to encourage more women to take up a career in IT, we are keen to support.

This maybe a small step, but Cate is a great writer and she articulates her feelings about working in a male dominated industry very well. I am eagerly looking forward to her posts on WITSend, I know they’ll be entertaining.

As an addendum to this post – if you write a blog or think you could be an entertaining and informative blogger for don’t hestitate to contact us and tell us why, we might just sign you up too.