Broken technology could make you and your company better

Having a computer that doesn’t work properly is probably one of the biggest irritations the workplace. Yet despite this being one of the most irritating things about work–and isn’t that an indication of just how important IT and telecoms has become to our working lives–you may actually be one of the luckier people in your organisation.

To report that companies will be deferring upgrades and expanding the working lives of their PC estates beyond the typical three to four year time periods is up there with detailing how Benedict XVI may know his catechism.

But if you are lucky enough to have a PC on its last legs then it’s almost inevitable that the replacement won’t be a bog-standard desktop. It’s fairly certain that your company will be assessing whether or not to offer you a laptop.

Why do this when laptops are still, pound for pound, still more expensive than a laptop. The bottom line is that with a mobile computing platform you’ll be more productive to your firms and in more places if needs be. And research from the US is showing that such investments are vital, especially for smaller businesses.

Research from Access Markets International (AMI) has revealed that mobile computing is increasingly being adopted by small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) in the US in response to the ever more vital need to become more flexible and adaptable businesses.

Despite the recession, AMI predicts that SMBs will maintain investment on products and services deemed critical even in current economic times. These include portable PCs, conferencing services, and smart phones-solutions. The driver is this: nearly half of small businesses and nearly nine-tenths of medium-sized businesses in the US now employ workers who travel at least 4 or 5 days per month for business.

AMI analyst Chad Henry offered an explanation for why mobility solutions war robust despite the times. “Mobile data access will enable agility and quicker response times – critical factors in today’s environment. Our research shows while layoffs are on the rise, SMBs will hold on to their rainmakers and will continue to provide them with tools that help them deliver business.”

Note: deliver the business. Not play DVDs or solitaire on the train but use the mobile platform to deliver real value to the business at any point the business touches. Just try to do that on a desktop. Now just be careful not to spill that coffee on your desktop…