Bill Gates and Warren Buffet talk Google and search on Fox Business

Interesting video on Fox Business about the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which Warren Buffet has pledged a huge amount of support to.

After about six minutes they get onto technology and particularly Google and search.

Bill Gates says that Microsoft will continue to tackle Google on search….He says: “Well, technology companies do for a period get in these wonderful positions and, you know, it’s great that there’s somebody willing to attack those moats. Microsoft is undeterred. We look at each one of those crocodiles and we say charge!”

Buffet responds “No shark wants to come up against him,” and Gates ends with “So, it is, it is a daunting thing, but consumers benefit when somebody’s willing to take that on and say, hey, we can do a better search product.”

I agree with TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington who believes that Google needs competition in the search space and Microsoft are possibly the only company that can compete on that scale and the internet is a better place for more than one search provider.