Are you for or against the BBC's iPlayer

As a publishing business, I guess the debate over the BBC’s iPlayer (which in a quick straw poll in our office is a highly rated service) and who should pay for it is a particularly interesting one. The figures are a testament to its success.

BBC online reports today that:

In its first month of launching, the catch-up TV service saw 1m people download more than 3.5m programmes.

According to figures from regulator Ofcom it will cost ISPs in the region of £830m to pay for the extra capacity needed to allow for services like the iPlayer.

Mr Gunter is leading the call for the BBC to help pay for the rising costs.

But who should pay for it…. ?? Well if you look at the comments on the BBC’s technology blog it looks like the vociferous feel that the Beeb is being a touch arrogant and should be contributing to the costs of replacing bandwith used by its service.

I guess we’ll all end up paying for it the end with our ISP deals changing to reflect increasing video use online… could this impact on business? I don’t know, but if the size of the bandwith pipe doesn’t improve then I guess it could.

US analyst firm Nemertes Research, has warned of net gridlock in just two year’s time as networks struggle to cope with the amount of data being carried on them.

But the BBC believes that the growth is “manageable” and estimates that currently the iPlayer is having between 3-5% impact on the network.

Interesting debate though. What’s your view?